Hottest in-demand jobs with good pay

Hottest in-demand jobs with good pay

With 6.9 million open jobs in the United States and more Americans returing to the workforce Opens a New Window. , there are a number of sectors that present a lot of opportunities.

According to the Labor Department’s latest jobs report Opens a New Window. these sectors saw employment rise the most in January:

  • Service-Providing: +224K
  • Leisure/Hospitality: +74K
  • Construction: +52K
  • Health Care: +42K
  • Transportation/warehousing: +27K

For a deeper look into the job market EmployBridge Professional Division President Joanie Courtney, told FOX Business Opens a New Window. what the hottest jobs are right now and what one can expect to earn for average base pay.

Data Scientists


Software Developer


Nurse Practitioners


Personal Home Aid

$9 to $11/hour

Truck Drivers


Source:- foxbusiness